The Optimist

The optimist!  That's me.  The human in this equation.

My name is Erika, and I live in Colorado.  I lived on the Western Slope of Colorado until last spring when I moved to Denver.  I graduated from university in 2010 with a bachelors degree in accounting, and I quickly got my CPA license (mostly because I wanted to fully dorkify myself).  I worked as a tax accountant and pretty much hated it (the hours and behavior you experience from superiors in some public accounting firms SUUUUUUCK).  I now work as a non-profit accountant for a great healthcare company, and I really enjoy it.
I have ridden horses since I was a tiny, little red-headed girl (even though I looked like a tiny, little red-headed boy for a lot of that time).
Little red-headed boy-looking girl with lesson horse Tattoo.  Check out those ribbons - booya!
I can't tell you what made me love horses, but as far as I can remember - I have always loved them.  I love the way they smell, I love the noises they make (okay, I don't really care for the trot-farts, but besides that), I love their beauty, and I love the ability to communicate with them in ways that I can't communicate with another animal.  When I am with horses my mind is calm and totally engaged.   
pictures from my barn on the Western Slope - totally beautiful place
How long have I owned Gavin?

I bought him as he was turning four, and he is just about to turn eight - so four years now - and loving every minute of it!

What discipline do I ride?

I ride dressage almost exclusively, but I would love to try jumping in general, with the hopes of going out on a cross-country course.  Gavin and I have done our fair share of trails, which I adore and hope to do more of soon.

Why did I move to Denver?

Two reasons:
  1. I wanted to move to a bigger city, with more opportunities and more options for daily life activities
  2. My super wonderful boyfriend lives here, but I really only started dating him after I already knew that I wanted to move to Denver
Who is my super wonderful boyfriend?

His name is Shawn.  He is as fearless as a newbie horse person comes.  He is the only non-horse person I know who can actually make Gavin walk (and trot) away from me.  We met online (I'm a believer in online dating fo sho), and then met in person about a month later.  I remember before I ever met him I started telling people that I thought he was "the one" for me.  And believe me, I am not nearly sappy enough to say that sort of thing lightly.  He's just great, and we work great together.

And finally, why am I writing this blog?

I enjoy reading everyone elses' blogs, and it helps me focus on what I want to achieve, and look back to see if I've accomplished what I've wanted to accomplish.  Also, I love showing off cute pics of my pony. 

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