Monday, October 29, 2018

Conrad Schumacher clinic

I audited a Conrad Schumacher clinic this weekend.  Attached are some of the notes I made along with a *very* brief description of the horse being ridden at the time.

Young horse hoping to move to second level next summer.
  • Don't waste time - work even during the walk break
  • Turn on the forehand from walk (couldn't figure out why he wanted this)
  • Keep hands closed into fist
  • Turn the wrists for rein back - nothing with arms
  • Small flexions in canter in/out
  • Always stretch the young horse at the end of the day
4th level - stocky build
  • half pass to centerline and then medium trot (to keep rhythm in half pass)
  • was breaking to canter during medium trot across the diagonal - began halting at each short side and at x with medium trot in between.  Makes the horse listen to you and keep their shoulders up through lengthening.
  • Rider was gripping with legs and he kept repeating sit wiiiiide on your butt.  I think it was his way of saying sit on your seat bones.
  • Ride sitting trot A LOT.  Walk whenever human gets tired and then more sitting trot.  

Grand Prix - older horse/rider
  • good idea to stand w/horse on contact for awhile (that amount of time is different for training level of horse)
  • To close the door (collection), first the door has to be open (forward)
  • Don't practice tests in winter, ride for fitness
  • For suppleness - shoulder in left then right, back and forth on centerline/quarterline
Mentioned to several riders
  • patience is key, you have to get on ready to be patient
  • When you're feeling extra patient, halt in contact with your house and let them mouth the bit
  • Tap with the whip on shoulders rather than behind (unless you're going for lateral work) - this eliminates mixed signals with a pulling hand
  • in general he was very gentle with horses and riders, rewarding good behavior and redirecting any bad behavior or confusion with a different exercise