Saturday, January 7, 2017

Spending Freeze, Secret Santa, and Selling Tack

This post is a total mish-mash:  First up, spending freeze and weird animal drawings.  Second, SECRET SANTA awesomeness/mystery, and third, selling tack (polos and a gorgeous PS of Sweden hackamore).  It's like choose your adventure in blog form!  And now - on to the blogging!

I may have gone a bit crazy over Christmas giving gifts to others... and maybe also to myself.  So, I'm now on a spending freeze.  Sometimes I kind of enjoy spending freezes.  I know that sounds insane, but it helps me remember to value what I already have.

One thing I already have (bought a while back) is a Wacom tablet.  I am not skilled when it comes to drawing, but I like to draw as I find it really relaxing.  So, I've started drawing my friends' animals just for fun.  My friends probably don't even want these Photoshop monstrosities, but whatever.  It's about the process dammit!

One awesome thing that I'm currently enjoying is my Secret Santa gift from Fly On Over's secret santa gift exchange!  It's an adorable makeup bag that is covered in Thelwell images, with pink heart polka-dots for the lining.  It looks like it was shipped from England, and it was stamped as Made By Rachel, but I have no idea who actually sent me the gift.  Very mysterious ;) Anyone want to take credit for this adorbs gift?

I also went through my tack trunk and found a couple of items that I just don't use and am trying to sell!  :)  If you're interested, or want to talk pricing - hit me up at warriorpony at gmail dot com

Set of 4 fancy polos - never used.  Left view is of outside, right view is of inside of wrap that touches the leg. $20.  Shipping addt'l.

PS of Sweden - lovely dark brown cob-sized hackamore.  Used 3x.  In like-new condition.  $250 - free shipping w/in US.
You might be wondering why I'm getting rid of these awesome items.  Well - Gavin never goes in polos because his owner is LAZY.  These are super handsome, which is why I bought them, but they've been hanging out in their packaging for 2 years now.

The PS of Sweden hackamore.  Le sigh.  I dreamt about this hackamore for months before purchasing it.  And it's lovely (email me for pics).  Gavin just goes SOOOO much better in a bit that it doesn't make sense for me to ride him in it, and so it has got to go!

Adult ADD post over.  :)