The Pug

Gavin is not my only animal son.  He has a little brother.  A much, much smaller little brother.  :)

Allow me to introduce Fudge!  (also known as Moo, MooMoo, Monkey, Moosh, Moosh-ba-goosh, Monster, Fudgie, Mr. McGillicuddy, Mr. Fudge McGillicuddy, Cornelius Fudge, and on and on)

Fudge enjoys long walks at the park, peeing on trees (even when he has nothing left to pee), having his stomach pet, throwing his Foxy (any plush toy he owns) around while Shawn and I workout at home, having us speak for him, learning new words like treat, hungry, walk, go, grandma.  He hates baths, being left at home when we go to work, dogs that overstay their welcome at HIS house, and vet visits.

This little monster will be turning 6 this coming July, and has been with me since he was a puppy.  I love him a ridiculous amount.  Oftentimes I find myself either feeling guilty for not spending enough time with my puppy or my horse.  Once in a while, I get to hang out with both boys at the same time, which can be difficult, but always soothes my guilty conscience.

Fudge giving Gavin some tips on round pen work
I moved in with my boyfriend, Shawn, in April, 2013 and since I consider a dog a lifetime friend, family member, and commitment we came as a package deal (if he doesn't get invited to move in, I don't move in).  Luckily, Shawn loves Fudge!  And Fudge loves Shawn.  The amount of bro love between them knows no bounds, and every night, as soon as Shawn sits down, Fudge is up in his lap ready for his nightly cuddle sesh (pictured below):

Don't worry, I don't get left out of the cuddle equation either...

Anyways.  These are the three men in my life: Shawn, Fudge, and Gavin.  Though I write mostly about Gavin, Fudge (and of course Shawn) are a huuuuuge part of the making Erika love her life equation.  :)

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