Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Barn Besties

Gavin checking the signage out
There isn't anything a whole lot better than barn friends.  Two of which I've recently acquired - one of my besties from college, Laura, just bought and moved her TB/Connemara X to my barn, and I've buddied up with a girl named Hannah.  It's been great!  I love being able to ride in an arena with a friendly face - someone to discuss any issues with, someone to laugh with when one or both of our beasties act up, and someone to meet-up with on specific days (keeps me accountable to coming out).  I've been a little bit absent in the blogosphere, mostly because I've been super active in my Denver pony-o-sphere.  Riding with peeps (and staying out way later because I'm just sitting there chatting), going to Buck Brannaman clinics (FUN!), tack-hunting, pony-bathing... I'm loving every minute of it.  And here are some pics to go along with the new horse social life.  :)

Gavin and Keystone (Hannah's pony) grabbing a bite to eat... with their bridles on! *GASP*
Gavin and I showing off our fine ass-ets and pony tails ;)
Laura on her new boy Sterling
My bitchy resting face in full effect, but the boys look cute!


Gavin and I doing our best impression of The Horse Whisperer
Completely unrelated to horses - me, Shawn (my guy), and my bro and his fiance!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Magical Blog Hop: Continuation School

It's expensive.  It can be frustrating.  It's time-consuming.  Did I mention it's expensive?  So why do I continue to ride?

I can't say what first attracted to me to all things equine, but I think I have a fairly good grasp of why I've stayed so close to this sport, culture, way of life, whatever your want to call it.  Horses calm me, they inspire me, they make me brave, they make me think. 

I'll admit it - I'm a little bit of a cell-phone addict (more like technology in general).  I can't help but check my email, my facebook, my bank accounts, the weather, my texts multiple times a day.  It's not that anything on my phone is that exciting, it's that I can't really slow my brain down.  And so my brain is constantly searching for something to chew on (case in point: on Sunday I had my laptop out, my work laptop running something, and a movie on... it was ridiculous).  A lot of times my brain "chews on" worry.  I'll admit it.  I worry.  A LOT.  Hell, I worry about my horse a lot.

But something magical happens when I get to the barn.  My brain stops chewing and instead it focuses.  When I'm with my pony, all there is is that moment.  I guess it's the idea of living in the present.  When I'm with horses I am present, and I finally can enjoy things in that moment.  I enjoy the briskness of a fall day.  I enjoy the balmy warmth of the summer nights.  I love the smell of hay while Gav is eating.  I love the light that shines through the barn.  I love curling my fingers around the reins.  I love the feel of a great canter depart, or the look of his hind legs crossing for a leg yield. 

I can't tell you WHY I experience this moment of "NOW" when I'm around horses, all I can say is that I do experience it.  And I feel like I'm sharing that experience with a great friend, and a great teammate, Gavin.       

Monday, May 5, 2014

Head Gear

I'm officially broke.  And I know just why:

  1. Full time training in April for my pony (so totally worth it)
  2. New helmet (my old one was infested with mice, and after I performed an exorcism on it it fell apart **the power of christ compels you, holy water splashed feverishly, helmet hissing and writhing**) -- I had bought the economy Charles Owen a month prior, but it just fit my head strangely (aka my head is oval shaped, and it's definitely more for the round-heads).  I have yet to return it (because I'm lazy and don't want to go to UPS), but in its place I purchased an IRH ATH SSV from eBay.  It was $70 cheaper on eBay than SmarkPak, but of course I was risking whether or not it'd fit.  Luckily, it does.  :)
  3. New bridle -- as I'm pretty sure you're all aware, SmartPak had a massive bridle sale to clear out for their mono-crown bridles coming in later this summer.  I bought the WellFleet Double Raised Padded Snaffle in both cob and horse (Gav is a hard fit, but he was definitely cob with this bridle).  Again, I've been too lazy to go to UPS quite yet, but it's going to happen.  I need the credit on my freaking credit card!  It's a flash, which Gavin hasn't used previously, but he's going well in it and it's a beautiful bridle!
  4. Another Rambo flysheet.  Because Gavin nearly destroyed his last summer.  I somehow managed to sew the old one back together about 10 times last summer, but I wouldn't exactly call the job professional (imagine white thread hanging everywhere).  He's currently wearing the old, dilapidated one, but who knows how long it'll last - and when it dies, I need to have a replacement on hand since he gets such bad sweet itch.
Gav in his new big boy bridle
What does this mean for May?  It means I can't buy shit!  I'm okay with that.  :)  I think I have everything I need.  Except for maybe some summer gloves (I've been using Lowes gardening gloves since last summer)  They work, but I don't think they're quite show appropriate. <-- and this is how I become broke, thought patterns like this.

The following pics are totally random, but I'd never been to a Dave and Buster's until recently.  It was fun!  Here's a couple of pics from the gaming extravaganza!

Check out those guns ;)

We're nerds, but we have fun together :)