Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Goals of March

Note to self

Remember this Erika.  Strive for progress NOT perfection.  Remember, remember, remember!  So, here's how I'd like to progress in March:

Me, all on my own:
  1. Do my Rushfit program as prescribed.  This will increase my overall athleticism, which will in turn improve my riding.
  2. Ride Gavin 3-4x a week.  I wish I could always ride 5 times a wek, but I get so busy with work, and then so tired (from all the working) and it makes it hard.  With daylight savings starting (or ending - I never remember) it should make it easier to get out there when it's still light out.
  3. Make sure to show Gavin affection when you see him!!!  Sometimes I get so robotic about how I behave out there, that I forget to be really present with him.  And he's best when I'm really present.
Me and Gavin:
  1. Get Gavin to move off my left leg (aka left bend)
  2. Stop leaning in to the right!  - something I've found useful in stopping this behavior is to imagine that when I'm posting, I'm pushing my hips through my arms.  Sounds weird, but it keeps me from baby-posting which allows me to twist in more.
  3. Canter more!  And not just at the end of the ride!  He loosens up so much after he starts cantering, and the aide to get him to canter has gotten so light - it's great and very motivating!  More canter!  More canter!  More canter!
  4. Do something different with him once a week (cross-rails, walk the property, etc.)

Gavin tonight looking cute:


  1. Goals sound good!! Gavin is sooo cute

    1. Thanks! Your goals page inspired me to do my own, as I do much better when I set goals (and never thought about doing them monthly before). :) And thanks again! I think he's pretty cute too. He's like an extra large pony.

  2. Gavin is such a cutie! I think your goals are great! Attainable yet big enough that you have to work at them to achieve them. i have some of the same goals. Excited to hear about your progress with the new goals :)

    1. Thanks! I think he's a doll, but I'm totally biased. It's funny after reading other peoples' goals how similar we all are. It makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one struggling with this stuff.