Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunny Sunday

This week has been hard and sad and awesome all rolled up into one.  This blog isn't about all parts of my life, so I'll skip most of it, except to say that it was nice getting to spend the weekend with my mom, thank god my headache went away, and I didn't get enough riding in (barely any riding happened at all).

I managed to drag my sad self to see my pony this afternoon which I knew would be therapeutic once I got out there.  And of course, it was!  He was shedding like a mofo, which is great because he has the coat of a wooly mammoth.  It was beautiful out, but I rode indoors because the outdoor was packed with people.  When I started off there was only one lady riding, but after about 15 minutes the wind pushed 5 other riders into the arena.  This is not my forte.  I get uncomfortable and just sort of unable to focus.  But hell, I need to get over it!  I decided to make lemons out of lemonade and work on transitions and working on the straightaways (something we need to work on any ways).  Gavin was really good (once I settled down - yes, me - after everyone else came in) except for one spook that turned into a buck at I'm not even sure what.  Everyone was in good spirits and it wound up being fun.  I also got the opportunity to take selfies in one of the mirrors.  :)  
Wooly Cobbeth 

I may be a vampire… not sure why my face isn't in focus - witness protection program
The thing that really made my day though, was I was talking to a lady after we were done riding and I mentioned the spook/buck thing and she told me not to worry - that she thought we looked great and that she was jealous watching us go.  I was just beside myself.  It was so nice to hear that!  

I'm going to end today with 5 positive things that happened this weekend:

  1. Spend quality time with my mom and family, and my boyfriend and his family
  2. Have relaxation time this afternoon - long enough to watch the latest episode of Girls, instagram these pics ;) and write this here blog
  3. My pony relaxed on the straightaway after a few reminders that this wasn't some trotting cob race
  4. It was beautiful out, and my boy is shedding
  5. Tomorrow the new guy who is taking my old position starts at work.  I'm excited to really start my new job at my company.  
Hell - I fit more than 5 good things in there, which I'm pretty sure means life is good.  
Gavin after his post-ride roll


  1. Loved spending time with you too Bear...also so nice to hang out with your main man and his familia, and also my sister and her fam. I can't wait to see you in May, and will meanwhile look forward to your blogs...

    1. Thanks mom! :) Wish you could've come see Gav, but next time!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. Finding x number of positives from a weekend/ride is a great idea!
    Might steal that #sorrynotsorry.

    Ps: what's your instagram name so I can follow you :-D

    1. Don't laugh - I think my instagram name is warriorpony (a name created long ago). I really only use instagram to edit these pics, so you'll be getting a lot of repeats ;) What's yours?

      Sometimes I second guess a lot of my riding, so naming off positives helps me not go crazy over-analyzing.