Monday, March 10, 2014

A Horsey Weekend Extravaganza

The weekend started off just peachy by my darling boyfriend, our dog-son Fudge, and myself going to a for-fun painting class.  It was for the Colorado Pug Rescue (I can't believe people give their pugs away when they're old!) and we got to paint our puppy and let him socialize (aka timidly sniff other dogs butts when he thinks they aren't paying attention, and scuttling away when they try to reciprocate).

Showing off our art skilllllz
I then moved on to the barn, where it was beautiful and in the mid-50s.  Gavin was wonderful and I accomplished some of my monthly goals (for the day) of being sweeter to him and cantering more.  He was sweet, on my aids, and I didn't feel confused or that I was ruining him for the whole ride (YAY!!!).  I also found out that my trainer is coming back near the end of March (YAYYYY again!) and I'm sure she'll have a whole new arsenal of tools as she's just getting back from an extended training trip to California.
Pretty barn light

More pretty barn light
On Sunday I went to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo with my friend Laura.  It was fun.  A little too basic, and a little too western-y for our purposes, but we still got to see a lot of horsey stuff.  I also bought 3 books (knowledge is power - I'm hoping that translates to horsey knowledge = horsey power).  The books were all written by Jane Savoie (is that pronounced Savoy? or Savoy-a?): It's Not Just About the Ribbons (started reading and really liking it.  Sort of about empowerment, goal-setting, and quitting with all the negative self-talk), Dressage 101 (hoping to get some more exercises out of this), That Winning Feeling (the book lady gave it to me for free for buying two other books---thanks book lady!!)              :-D

Here are some random Horse Expo pics:

mini horse butts

Vaulters giving a demonstration... crazy girls!

Wooley mini beasty!

We got lost and wound up in some sort of creepy horse expo dungeon.
The final ending to the weekend was going to a horse-based theatre performance called Gladius (think Cavalia, but not produced by Cirque de Soleil).  It was only $15 and it was really a good show.  I went in thinking it was going to be cheesy and second-class compared to Cavalia, but I was really blown away by the caliber of their belgian draft horses, the acrobatics, the clown (I normally hate clowns, but this one was funny), and this amazing near-white stallion who had an incredible free performance with his rider/handler.  If you get the opportunity to see it I would definitely recommend it.  Here is the website (sorta overly cheesy looking, but like I said, it's good!)

I ended the weekend a happy horse girl, all recharged and ready to start a new week!


  1. What a fab way to spend the weekend, you sure packed loads in!
    Looking forward to reviews of those books please, :p

    1. I will definitely give a book review once I'm done. :) So far the two I'm reading have been a great help!

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