Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fancy Zocks and a Goofy Pony

I bought two pairs of Ovation Zocks from Dover a few weeks back to help slide my own, fat pony legs into my sleek boots (I have since found them unnecessary, but I still own them).  So I decided to give them a try today.
feetzies in Zocks

leg shot
Cute right?   Very thin, very slippery (to aid getting unwieldy legs into unyielding boots).  Look what happened -- 
A zipper casualty
I still wore them (duh), and I'll be keeping them until they're truly demolished.  I probably just shouldn't own such delicate leg wear.  So Ovation Zocks, I appreciate your cute prints and sleek feel, but I won't be buying you again.  

In actual pony news I went out to see my boy tonight and he was such a goof (in a good way).  I lunged him in just his halter, as I feel that teeth floating deserves a couple days off.  He was moving off like a total powerhouse!  Okay, so he nearly dragged me around the arena once, but I'll take it for those gaits (plus he calmed down after a couple trips around).  There was a little pole jump set-up that I lunged him over.  And as always, nothing phases Gav so he popped over like it was nothing new.  What a great boy.  Here are some cute goodbye pics from tonight. 

wait... are you leaving?


I need a sugar to cope!

note the lazy eye from what I can only imagine is intense emotional distress ;)