Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Happy Rider Cries Over Boots - The Goldilocks Syndrome

The title says it all.  I cried over tall boots this weekend.  I could have cried over the price; I could have cried over their beauty; I could have cried over the pain they cause when being broken in, but I didn't.  I cried because I couldn't find a pair that fit me, and it was humiliating, disappointing, and frustrating.  I have been shopping around for a nice pair of boots for a couple months, because I figured it would take me both Chrismas and my birthday to be able to gather enough gift certificates to be able to afford even half of a pair (and I was right).  I found a pair that were not only beautiful, but got wonderful reviews. 

When I went to order I dutifully got out my measuring tape and had my ever-so-sweet boyfriend help me measure the height between the base of my foot and my knee-pit (ewwww), and also measure around the fattest part of my calf.  I then went to their size chart and realized that there was no way in horsey-tall-boot-hell that I was going to be buying these boots.  My legs were not only too short for these boots, but they were too wide *cough* fat *cough* to squeeze into these boots. 

I then went to my next choice, and then my next choice.  All to no avail.  And then I burst into tears.  How exactly was I supposed to show my adorable creature this summer without boots?  Boots that I could now buy, but couldn't fit into.  I queried on google, and was told to seek out a brand called "Fuller Fillies" (YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?!?! Who would name their brand that?).  Fuller fillies came back TOO big.  I was told to look at Mountain Horse - and sure, they have big calf sizes, but they are made for women much taller than me.  I know... I'm starting to sound like Goldilocks here (one was too big, one was too small, one was too tall).

I finally found a pair that was $150.00 more than I wanted to spend, and I won't even be getting them until late Spring.  Because guess what?  They're backordered on them.  HA!  At least one company is making money off of all of us average sized people.

Today I wrote an email to the company that I've been coveting for the last two months, and so it reads:

"Hi Tredstep Sales Department,
This is sort of an odd thing to write, but I wanted to let you know that for the last 2 months I have been ogling your Raphael tall boots.  As a dressage rider on a budget I waited patiently for gift cards to Dover Saddlery (one of your sellers) so that I could purchase these beautiful boots!  Once I went to purchase I realized that not a single pair of your boots would fit me.  I am by no means overweight, and would also consider myself of average height at 128 lbs and 5'4". 
I realize that you can only create a certain number of sizes, and that all riders are of different proportion, but I don't think most girls who wear a size 6.5 shoe are also much taller than me, much skinnier than me, and with much, much longer legs. 
I wound up ordering a pair of Petrie Olympic Dressage Boots which are $150 more than your boots, and also got lower ratings; so obviously, this wasn't my first choice.
And now, you're probably like "shut up fattie, our boots are made for girls who are taller and skinnier than you" and that's fine, but I was just thinking you guys may want to consider offering a boot that is both shorter in length and wider around the calf for us girls who would love to buy your boots if given the opportunity (meaning if they were available to us).


I don't know what I hope to get from sending out this email, except hopefully to let this company know that they missed out on a sale simply because they cater to what seems to me only very long-legged, very slender-legged females. 

Boot rant over.

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