Friday, February 14, 2014

Erika and the Dream of Horses

It's likely that no one who reads this (I like to pretend that someone is reading it) will know the Belle and Sebastien song "Judy and the Dream of Horses", but it's great, and poppy, and about a girl dreaming about horses.  And that's what I feel like tonight.  It's been a really long work week for me (and it isn't even quite over), and though I desperately wanted to go see my boy tonight, I also was falling asleep while driving home at 4.  I think rest is what I really need.  But even though I'm not out seeing my boy, I'm still dreaming of him.  So I've decided to do some of those nifty horsey questionnaires.

1. What is your favorite breed/s of horse, and if you could purchase a new horse what breed would it be?

Well this is a total no-brainer.  I loooooove Welsh Cobs, and if I had to purchase another horse - it would be another Welsh Cob.  Smart.  Sweet.  Eager.  Charming.  Athletic.  I could go on, but I don't want to brag... ;)

2. What is your favorite personal tack item?

My Wintec dressage saddle.  Rides great.  Fits my roly-poly pony great - he has never once seemed sore from it.  Great price point.  The only issue I have is that it isn't quite as sharp looking as a leather saddle. 

3. Horse products you swear by?

There are a couple that I can think of.  Probably the most toxic, but useful product I've ever used is SWAT.  My pony gets terrible sweet itch in the summer (think bald pony), and loses all of his hair in his ears, and on his face if I don't keep them protected.  Swat keeps a lot of the pests away so long as I apply it daily.

Another horsey product I love is my boy's Rambo Medium weight Wug turnout.  He stays warm on the cold nights, and it isn't so heavy that he's drenched in sweat when it gets a little bit warmer during the days.  Also, he is renowned for being extremely hard on his blankets - and I'm going to jinx myself here - but he not caused a single tear in that blanket, and has been wearing it for 3 months now.

4. Rider products or items you swear by?

I love Kerritts tights for riding.  Full seat breeches look great, but I find the tights to be really comfortable and light.  They're also very durable, and come in some pretty spunky colors.

5. Favorite tack catalogs to shop from?

SmartPak alllll the way.  Dover innundates you with catalogs, and I now throw them all away because SmartPak offers most of the same equipment, at the same price, but with great customer service and NO shipping if you order anything over $45 (I believe), but lets face it - if you're buying horse gear, you've got to be spending more than $50. ;)

6. Is your home decorated "horsey", as in western or equestrian-themed?

No, I have very few horsey-decorations.  Just isn't my style at home.  I like my home more on the modern side.  But I'll take my barn as horsey as they come!

7. Do you wear horse, Western, or equestrian-themed jewelry?

Again - no.  I don't really wear any jewelry.  I wouldn't be totally opposed to something little and horsey, but it wouldn't be something I'd go out looking for.

8. A style of riding you'd like to try sometime?

I would love to go fox hunting (with no real fox of course).  I would love the camraderie, the classic style, the history behind it, the nature.  I think my pony would be game for it as well.  It's actually on my bucket list to participate in a fox hunt, and I can't wait to cross that one off.  :)

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