Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Long Awaited Package

My beautiful boots showed up yesterday.  Yes, mom, my "nazi" boots arrived (that's what she called them yesterday when asking if I'd gotten them yet), very PC, I know.  They were sitting next to my front porch, hidden behind a flower planter.  I was glad to see that the UPS guy had hidden them from view from the street.  The neighborhood I live in isn't the best, and the idea of some little rapscallion stealing my dressage boots (something I doubt they'd appreciate) was freaking me out the whole drive home.
So, the question is - do they fit?  The short answer is - sort of.  They fit around my calf like a glove, the actual shoe portion fits my foot fine, they fit my ankle alright (I saw complaints that the ankle was too narrow, and so I was worried because I've always thought my ankles were borderline cankley), but they are talllllll.
I wore them around for about 2 hours yesterday (no riding, just walking and squatting).  They softened up a lot in those 2 hours, which gives me hope that they will at some point in the future fit me height wise.

As you can see, the ankle is pretty narrow.  Because of the tapered ankle I was told that they would likely not drop very much.  The SmartPak lady told me to expect 1/2 an inch of drop.  The Tredstep lady who wrote me back told me to expect anywhere from 1 - 1.5 inches.  I'm hoping for an inch or so of drop.  *fingers crossed*

Overall, I'm thrilled to pieces!  They're beautiful and soft, though not wonderful smelling (I'll like them better when they smell like the sides of my pony); plus Shawn thinks I look sexy in them which is always a plus.


  1. Are those the Donatellos or Raphaels? They look great!

  2. Thanks Jen! They're the Raphaels, and they're really starting to fit great. I've gotten two sets of blisters on my heels (I'm going to wind up with one big callous), but the backs of my knees are suprisingly unphased. I'm wondering if it's because the leather started off really soft. :)

  3. I'm seriously coveting a pair of Tredstep Tall boots *sigh* maybe some day I'll have some spare pennies to set aside for them...and who knows maybe I'll get good enough to show & could then justify such a splurge.
    In the mean tim I bought their Pro G2 gaiters a few years back & ADORE them! The backs of my knees took a bit of a battering from them initially but they broke in like a glove after that.

    I know I am super late in reading your posts, but it warms the cockles of my heart that another Irish company is doing so well on the equine market (yes Horseware & Bucas - I mean you)...sorry green pride is shining as we approach Paddy's day!

    1. I'm super late in responding to this post, but I have to say that as my Tredsteps have broken in I like them more and more! You should totally hook yourself up with a pair. The Donatellos are a bit more affordable than the Raphaels, if you are good with field boots. :) Never used anything Bucas, but Horseware is my go-to for all things horse-blanket related. Love that my horse can't destroy his clothes so easily.