Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Magical Blog Hop: Continuation School

It's expensive.  It can be frustrating.  It's time-consuming.  Did I mention it's expensive?  So why do I continue to ride?

I can't say what first attracted to me to all things equine, but I think I have a fairly good grasp of why I've stayed so close to this sport, culture, way of life, whatever your want to call it.  Horses calm me, they inspire me, they make me brave, they make me think. 

I'll admit it - I'm a little bit of a cell-phone addict (more like technology in general).  I can't help but check my email, my facebook, my bank accounts, the weather, my texts multiple times a day.  It's not that anything on my phone is that exciting, it's that I can't really slow my brain down.  And so my brain is constantly searching for something to chew on (case in point: on Sunday I had my laptop out, my work laptop running something, and a movie on... it was ridiculous).  A lot of times my brain "chews on" worry.  I'll admit it.  I worry.  A LOT.  Hell, I worry about my horse a lot.

But something magical happens when I get to the barn.  My brain stops chewing and instead it focuses.  When I'm with my pony, all there is is that moment.  I guess it's the idea of living in the present.  When I'm with horses I am present, and I finally can enjoy things in that moment.  I enjoy the briskness of a fall day.  I enjoy the balmy warmth of the summer nights.  I love the smell of hay while Gav is eating.  I love the light that shines through the barn.  I love curling my fingers around the reins.  I love the feel of a great canter depart, or the look of his hind legs crossing for a leg yield. 

I can't tell you WHY I experience this moment of "NOW" when I'm around horses, all I can say is that I do experience it.  And I feel like I'm sharing that experience with a great friend, and a great teammate, Gavin.       


  1. Horses are the only time besides sleeping where I put my phone down for a couple hours.

  2. It is great to unplug and just focus on the horse! :)