Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Barn Besties

Gavin checking the signage out
There isn't anything a whole lot better than barn friends.  Two of which I've recently acquired - one of my besties from college, Laura, just bought and moved her TB/Connemara X to my barn, and I've buddied up with a girl named Hannah.  It's been great!  I love being able to ride in an arena with a friendly face - someone to discuss any issues with, someone to laugh with when one or both of our beasties act up, and someone to meet-up with on specific days (keeps me accountable to coming out).  I've been a little bit absent in the blogosphere, mostly because I've been super active in my Denver pony-o-sphere.  Riding with peeps (and staying out way later because I'm just sitting there chatting), going to Buck Brannaman clinics (FUN!), tack-hunting, pony-bathing... I'm loving every minute of it.  And here are some pics to go along with the new horse social life.  :)

Gavin and Keystone (Hannah's pony) grabbing a bite to eat... with their bridles on! *GASP*
Gavin and I showing off our fine ass-ets and pony tails ;)
Laura on her new boy Sterling
My bitchy resting face in full effect, but the boys look cute!


Gavin and I doing our best impression of The Horse Whisperer
Completely unrelated to horses - me, Shawn (my guy), and my bro and his fiance!


  1. Awww, they are so cute together! And look at the chest on Gavin, man, Lisa should be proud of that one! Leg on each corner for sure.

  2. It's always fun to have friends to ride with :)

  3. Barn buddies are the best!
    Fab photos :-D