Saturday, October 15, 2016

What I Do v Who I Am

Like many others in blogger land, I work in an industry completely unrelated to horses.  Honestly, I'm not even totally sure how I chose the profession I chose outside of the sad fact that since I was young I've compulsively made what I call "money lists".  That's right... I'm an Accountant.  Even a CPA.  

It's um... heart-wrenchingly boring most of the time.  I used to be a tax accountant and really enjoyed the work, but the hours were just UGGHHHHHH, so now I'm an industry accountant, which is a lot less fun (I know, you're thinking 'Something can be less fun than tax accountant?  Impossible.' But seriously, it's true).

Anyways - this post isn't meant to be a huge bitch fest about my career.  It's more about reconciling what I do with who I am (accountants love a good reconciliation).  This is something I struggle with almost daily.  I basically go between "do what you love" (aka work with animals or people more closely) and "you have to pay bills to keep what you love" (horses and home). 

My thoughts exactly, you adorable man

I'm currently of the mindset that I have this analytical/numbers skillset, and I'm good at what I do, so I need to work that angle.  BUT - I hate a lot of things about office life, mostly the clothes, the inability to do whatever I want to my appearance, the frowning upon swearing heavily, etc.  It's just suffocating how stuffy office life can be, especially in any finance related field.

One thing I am working on is buying clothes that I can wear to work, but would also wear in my everyday life (horses, going out to eat with handsome beau, reading some awesome blogs).  I know this sounds like a pathetic reach, but I do think being able to dress more 'myself' at work will help me stay happy in that work.  Anyways - I've been looking a lot at Asmar Equestrian and Ariat, but again, I'm left a bit stumped - do people actually wear this stuff to ride in, or even be around horses in?  Can you actually get away with wearing breeches to work?

Does anyone else do this?  Any brands I should look into?  Or ideas?  Or job offers outside of the soul crushing work of finance?  ;)

Until then...


  1. Accountants unite! I'm a tax accountant/CPA - started out in public but switched to working for a company just over a year ago. The hours still suck sadly. :( I wish I could make this kind of money doing cool things with ponies.
    I've never tried to mix my clothes but that is a good idea especially with the Asmar items.

  2. Ugh I definitely relate in many ways. Having a job that pays the bills is kinda critical... But sometimes I wish I could just skip that whole part

  3. Yeah I pretty much would buy polos because in tech Polos are totally dressy.

  4. I toooootall relate to this. I have a degree in Animal Sciences in hopes of doing something horse-related, but settled for a lab job with mice. I don't love it, but it's fine. I have been thinking about finding a new job, but my hours and ability to wear jeans and not brush my hair or ever wear makeup is hard to find. Maybe one day the perfect opportunity will arise for a horse-related career, but until then I guess I am stuck where I am.

  5. This is basically my life. I am lucky that my office is pretty relaxed, but I won't lie, I often feel like an imposter in my own life while at work. I struggle with the exact same things as you.