Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Beastie Boys Move

Gavin at his new home
Gavin and his bff (Sterling) moved barns this weekend.  It's a tricky thing, moving barns.  First, you have to say goodbye to your dear friends who are staying at the barn (believe me, there will be a couple faces I will miss!), you have to give notice and explain (or at least give some explanation as to why you're leaving), and also coordinate the move.  The move was made extra hard for us because the Denver area has been hit by Vesticular Stomatitis which causes ulcerations, blisters, and sores on the inside of a horses mouth, sheath, and coronary band.  It isn't deadly, but it isn't a good thing for a horse to catch. 
So, why did we move?  Several little reasons that added up to a move. 
  1. The new barn itself isn't closer mileage-wise, but it's easier to access (especially for my friend Laura). 
  2. It has trail access just down the road, and it itself isn't on a busy road, which means walking the horses on the street isn't a big deal
  3. The property itself is smaller, but very tidy, well kept, and with great footing in the big outdoor arena
  4. It's $70 cheaper a month!  And for a girl on a budget that's a big deal!!
Sterling, with his dad, Eric
The boys moved like a dream (I swear, Gavin takes pride in trailering as well as he does).  They unloaded like gentlemen and walked around the property like they'd been there a hundred times!  The day after we moved in, they even walked in to the suuuuuuper scary indoor, cement wash rack (raised, and three sided). 
I'm going out tonight to lunge Gavin.  I'm expecting it to not be a big deal at all, since he's been acting like a totally cool customer for the last few days, which happens to be just the way I like him!

Super model horse ;)


  1. $70 bucks is a huge deal, glad the move went okay!

  2. Congrats on the move, that will deff help the pocket.

  3. Yay for more money and a successful move! :)